Who We Are

About Vertex Towers

Who We Are

Technology in the twenty-first century has changed how we live. We don’t go online anymore; we are online. So not only do our phones need to be connected, but our cars, appliances, and everything in between need a solid connection to function correctly.

These connections are all made achievable by a network of communications infrastructure—towers and small cells located strategically all around you.
Founded in 2012, Vertex Towers is a telecommunications infrastructure developer focusing on the Northeast corridor. At Vertex, we develop, manage and own Tower and Small Cell telecommunications facilities in strategic locations across the country.

At Vertex, we have the experience and expertise to navigate the challenges of the most complex markets.

Communications Tower Developer

What We Do

Vertex Towers specializes in identifying potential telecommunication site opportunities while also considering zoning ordinances, environmental regulations, the property owner’s needs, and the projected cost of building at these sites.

With our years of experience, we take the time to understand the locality and develop a plan to provide the best possible experience for the property owner, wireless provider, and the local municipality.

How We Differentiate