Slide LIGHTWEIGHT. COMPACT. UNFOLDS IN SECONDS. Trilite golf carts are lightweight, compact, and easy to use. They have a two-step folding and locking mechanism that makes them easy to break down and reassemble. Shop Trilite

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The Trilite features a Lightweight & Durable Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Frame that Folds & Unfolds in seconds. The Trilite’s Compact but Strong build allows for Easy Storage & a Brisk, Comfortable ride when in use on the golf course.

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The Journey to Omada

Our journey to Omada started with four friends, an apocalyptic golf course, and a desire to play the game of golf.

Over the years, our experiences together led to the start of something great.We’re not just a company; we’re a movement.

We believe golf is on the cusp of being a game that all people can come together to enjoy regardless of skill or status. It’s our Mission to lead the charge into this new era of the game.

We offer products, content, and a community of people that every golfer can embrace.

Welcome to OMADA GOLF, your team.


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