Specialized Treatment of OCD & Anxiety Disorders

Dr. Maria Mancebo

Specialized Treatment of OCD and Anxiety Disorders

Dr. Mancebo is a clinical psychologist specializing in treating obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), anxiety disorders, and hoarding disorder. She completed her doctoral training at Hofstra University and a post-doctoral fellowship in OCD at Brown University’s Alpert Medical School. She has extensive training in exposure-based cognitive-behavioral therapies (CBT) and has over 20 years of experience providing individual, group, and home-based CBT.

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Areas of Expertise

Hoarding Disorder

Hoarding disorder is a mental health condition that affects 2-4% of people across the world. Someone with Hoarding Disorder has a persistent difficulty letting go of possessions that may appear useless to others.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

OCD is a neuro-biological condition that affects about 2% of individuals at some point in their lives. It usually starts in childhood and runs in families although symptoms may look different from person to person.

Anxiety Disorder

Specific phobias are the most common anxiety conditions and consist of a persistent, irrational fear of objects or situations that pose little threat but trigger intense anxiety or avoidance.

My Treatment Philosophy

The decision to start therapy is an essential step in your journey to a life that brings you greater happiness. I aim to create a safe and comfortable space to become the best version of yourself. My goal is to help you better understand yourself, your emotions, and your relationship to your thoughts. 

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Years of Excellence

My Specializations

I have specialized training in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), a type of psychotherapy with scientific support for improving symptoms of many fear-based conditions, including obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), hoarding disorder, and anxiety disorders. My approach to treatment is systematic and goal-oriented. In the first phase of our work together, I will start by getting to know you, helping you develop goals, and assessing for any psychiatric conditions that may be affecting your ability to meet those goals. Then we will discuss your treatment options and what personalized treatment might look like for you.