Enriching the lives of young children each and every day.

Infant Program

Our nursery has been designed to create a warm and loving atmosphere for your infant.

Toddler Program

Each child enrolled in the Toddler program will be assigned a primary caregiver upon enrollment.

Pre-School Program

Each child enrolled in the Pre-school program will be assigned a primary caregiver upon enrollment.

About Us

Welcome to Little Learners Preschool and Enrichment Center

It is our vision that each child who comes through our doors joins a community of children, families, and teachers engaged in the joy, work, and the wonder of childhood!

Educating the mind without educating the heart is not an education at all.


Introducing the Tadpoles Program!


Little Learners Academy is happy to announce we use the Tadpoles program to effectively communicate to parents about their child’s day.

Convenient and Secure
Parent/Teacher Conferences
Parent/Teacher Communication
Parent Trust Guarantee

Parent Testimonials


    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Little Learners! Our 3 year and 18 month old attend Little Learners in Cranston and we could not be any happier. The staff treat you like family and truly care about the well being and development of each child. The facility is absolutely spotless and very clean. Little Learners uses the Brightwheel App, allowing us to get timely updates and pictures of our little ones throughout the day! We can directly contact our children's teachers through the app and get a response within minutes. We are SO HAPPY we made the switch to LIttle Learners and only wish we did SOONER!"


      As a new parent it is never easy to return to work and to have to leave your children with others to care for them throughout the day; I knew when I went back to work I wanted to enroll my children into a center that had a warm, welcoming atmosphere as well as a well developed curriculum and teaching staff. After touring Little Learners, my decision was quickly made. Making the move to Little Learners was one of the best decisions my husband and I could have ever made for our children and instantly we started to notice a tremendous difference in not only my daughter but also in my son who was 8 months old when he began. The amount of compassion and love my children received daily was indescribable and I was able to see their enjoyment throughout the day on the Brightwheel app; an app where the teachers are able to share with you your child’s daily activities. Little Learners has made a world of difference and for that, I am forever grateful!

      Why Choose Us?

      Our Values and Goals

      Maintain a SAFE, supportive, and stimulating environment.

      Respect children’s uniqueness and recognize and celebrate their individual differences

      Development of an environment that says “YES” to exploring, experimenting, discovering, having fun with friends and being a child!

      Emphasis on the “process” (which is the immersion in the “doing”) rather than the “product”.