Where your child comes first

Alphabet Soup is Rhode Island’s most trusted speech, feeding, and occupational therapy center for children. We offer continual support for your child in a safe environment where their well-being comes first.

Covid-19 Response
We remain committed to our children during this time, especially with school closures and limited resources. Updated policies are in place.

Speech Therapy

Alphabet Soup’s speech therapists help your child communicate with the world. Empower your child with the full power of language so they can show their authentic, confident self to the world.

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Feeding Therapy

We know the stress and strain feeding disorders can cause for your family. Instead of greeting mealtimes with stress and fear, feeding therapy helps your child find joy in eating again.

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Occupational Therapy

Whether your child needs help with motor skills, balance, or coordination, occupational therapy is essential to functioning well in school and life. See how our OT program helps children build confidence and independence.

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