About Us

We have serviced some of the largest water parks in North America, and look forward to putting our expertise to work for your water slide repair and water park maintenance needs! With over 160 projects per year, we are professionals at refurbishing and repairing fiberglass and are confident our twenty-plus years of experience are exactly what your facility needs.

Non-Destructive Testing for Steel

Safe Slide Restoration is proud to offer Non-Destructive Testing, a safe and objective process that provides a recordable measurement of the thickness and durability of steel towers, roller coasters, and support columns to provide clarity and peace of mind.

Water Slide/Splash Pad Installation

With our trained crews of technicians, we’re proud to offer water slide and splash pad installations as part of our services. For more information, please reach out to us by our contact us page, or give us a call or email.

“Safeslide is a great team who deliver a superior product. Their process and results are impeccable. They are a respectfully responsive organization.”

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The Safe Slide Mission

At Safe Slide Restoration, we have two major priorities: the safety of your guests and the protection of your investments.

We don’t believe in shoddy work or temporary fixes. Our technicians inspect the equipment using an extensive checklist, and our years of experience as a premier water slide repair company ensures that any issues will be addressed upfront. This minimizes the chances for any costly surprises down the road and can save tens of thousands of dollars in ongoing water park maintenance costs. Before coating a slide, we seek to address problems like blisters, cracks, delamination, coring, voids, and fractured fiberglass. We don’t like partial solutions, and we know our

customers don’t either. Every year, Safe Slide restores hundreds of water slides, replacing failed, sub-standard coatings with our industry-proven Gel-Coat. Our company refuses to experiment on your slide, and we are committed to utilizing the industry’s best products in our work for you.

Our confidence is backed by our warranties, which are the best in our industry. These warranties, as they apply to your project, are included in every proposal we send. We offer competitive pricing and seek to minimize the downtime of your slide’s operation. We are committed to a drug-free work environment and insist on safety training for our technicians. Above all, your peace of mind and bodily safety is our goal, and the Safe Slide team is committed to working hard to make that goal a reality.

Our Three Uniques

At Safe Slide, we take water slide and water park repairs seriously, and we prioritize proven, quality work. The three topics below demonstrate the categories we emphasize in order to provide this work to you. 




Our Guarantees

An important area of our company is our guarantees. We want to ensure that our customers receive excellent customer service, certified project managers, and standards that set us apart in the industry.

Your Customer Experience

As a company, we follow a specific roadmap that provides our customers with stability. We want you to be confident that your restoration is important to us, and has a place in our company. Whether it’s a slide or pool, we will work with you to provide the right solution, with the right budget, that fits your needs.